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20 packs of completely additive-free Chinese soup stock made with only domestic raw materials

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Product information
Product name Additive-free Chinese dashi pack
how to make chinese soup (1) Put 400ml (2 cups) of water and dashi pack in a pan and heat.
(2) After boiling, boil over medium heat for 3-5 minutes and remove the dashi pack.
*Can be used as a base soup for various Chinese dishes.
Total amount of contents 120g (6g x 20)
raw materials Chicken (domestic), cabbage (domestic), green onion (domestic), ginger (domestic), scallop extract (domestic scallop use, domestic production), garlic (domestic), bean curd lees (domestic), (partially chicken and soybeans) including)
※Notices Due to manufacturing reasons, we will gradually change the raw material from Yamaguchi prefecture's "Choshu chicken" to Kagoshima prefecture's "red chicken satsuma". Please be assured that there is no difference in quality.
Nutritional information (per 6g) Energy: 21kcal
Protein: 4.6g
Fat: 0.2g
Carbs: 0.2g
Salt equivalent: 0.02g
Potassium: 90mg
*This display value is a guideline.
Preservation method Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store in a cool and dark place (after opening, close the zipper and store in the refrigerator and use as soon as possible)

* Product details and product prices are subject to change without notice.