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Curry roux 3 bags (180g x 3)

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Product information
Description of item Onions, garlic, chutneys, etc. are carefully roasted with coconut, and curry powder made with 30 kinds of spices is added to create fragrant curry flakes. You can use it not only with curry rice, but also with mentsuyu to arrange curry udon, soup curry, and the secret ingredient of stir-fry dishes. Great compatibility with seafood such as shrimp curry and scallop curry! Because it is a flake, you can easily adjust the subtle taste. A zippered bag convenient for storage.
Product name Curry roux (bee food)
Internal capacity 180g x 3
raw materials Edible oil (beef tallow, lard, palm oil), wheat flour, curry powder, sugar, salt, cornstarch, chutney, beef extract, corn flour, spicy vegetables, tomato paste, spices, sauce powder, coconut paste, soy sauce powder/seasoning ( amino acid, etc.), caramel pigment, emulsifier, acidulant, spice extract, fragrance, (partly contains wheat, beef, soybeans, pork, apples)
Specific raw materials (7 items) wheat
Items conforming to specified raw materials (20 items) Beef, soybeans, pork, apples
Preservation method Store at room temperature
nutritional content Energy per dish (roux 20g): 102kcal
Protein: 1.4g
Fat: 6.7g
Carbs: 9.1g
Salt equivalent: 2.0g
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