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Non-spicy additive-free curry salt 100g

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Product information
Description of item A delicious curry salt that can be eaten from 1 year old has been completed. Since it is made from only natural ingredients and does not use red pepper, it can also be used to season baby food for children over the age of one. It is a safe and secure all-purpose seasoning that can be enjoyed by a wide range of children from 1 year old to adults.
It can be used not only for seasoning meat and fish, but also for fried rice and stir-fried vegetables.
A curry-flavored spice salt that is easy to eat even for those who are not good at spicy food and children.
Product name Non-spicy additive-free curry salt
Internal capacity 100g
raw materials Rock salt (Pakistan), coriander (Morocco), cumin (India, Iran, Morocco), paprika (Spain), turmeric (India), white pepper (Malaysia, Indonesia)
per 100g of nutritional information (per 100g) energy: 165kcal, protein: 5.7g, fat: 6.6g, carbohydrates: 20.8g, salt equivalent: 63.5g
Preservation method Avoid storing in direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
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