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Dondashi 1.8L x 6 bottles

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Product information
Description of item A flavorful concentrated type of seasoning that draws out the flavor and umami of bonito flakes and dried sardines with a light soy sauce base.
The umami of dashi is well-balanced, so you can use it for various dishes such as udon soup, soup, and hot pot dishes.

Usage example Guideline for dilution Udon Dondashi 1: Water 10-12
Nabeyaki Udon Dondashi 1: Water 12~14
Oden Dondashi 1: Water 15~18
Soup, Chawanmushi Dondashi 1: Water 18~20

* After opening, seal tightly and store in the refrigerator, and use as soon as possible.
*Dashi ingredients may float or sink due to changes in temperature, but there is no problem with the quality.
Product name dondashi
Internal capacity 1.8L x 6
raw materials Protein hydrolyzate (manufactured in Japan), salt, fructose-glucose liquid sugar, bonito seasoning liquid, soy sauce, bonito shavings, kelp seasoning extract/seasoning (amino acids, etc.), alcohol, caramel pigment, acidulant, (partly wheat・Contains soybeans)
per 100g of nutritional information (Per 100g) Energy: 49kcal Protein: 5.3g Fat: 0g Carbohydrate: 7.0g Salt equivalent: 21.0g
Preservation method Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity and store at room temperature.
After opening, seal tightly, store in the refrigerator, and use as soon as possible.
* Product details and product prices are subject to change without notice.