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Authentic domestic beef tail soup 500g x 1 pack

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Product information
Description of item Safe domestic beef is used. A full-fledged soup with the umami of the tail. Plenty of beauty collagen and a firm filling with tender meat. Beef tail soup is a staple in yakiniku and Korean cuisine. Add one item to your daily dining table, a little extravagant as a soup, easy and convenient retort pack just to warm up. It can be stored at room temperature.
Product name domestic beef tail soup
Internal capacity 500g x 1 pack
raw materials Beef tail (domestic), salt/seasoning (amino acids, etc.)
per 100g of nutritional information Energy 216kcal, protein 5.2g, fat 21.5g, carbohydrates 0.3g, salt equivalent 0.8g (estimate)
Preservation method You avoid direct rays of the sun, high temperature and humidity, and please save it at normal temperature.
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