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What does "good living" mean?

nice to meet you. Good life and rice editorial department.
We are a lifestyle media that focuses on the "life" that comes from everyday "food" and aims to create a safe and secure space that is rich not only for ourselves but also for the surrounding environment.

The media concept is "Delicious living created from safety and security"

From the unique perspective of "a good life and meals", various themes such as cooking and housework, as well as useful ideas for living and everyday life, are put into easy-to-understand and fun content and delivered in a practical way. .

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What is "good price"? How much do you want?

Suddenly, what do you think of when you are asked, "What is a good life?"

  • have enough money
  • you can buy what you want
  • Challenging job
  • I have time to immerse myself in my hobbies
  • Every day with shared time with family and loved ones
  • Healthy

I think that many people may have been associated with parts such as money, time, and their own satisfaction.
When we discussed how to send out “a good life”, the above words flew around.

After further discussion, we came to one conclusion.
It means that you can feel "good life" for the first time when you have "satisfaction of your own heart" in every word.

It's not that everyone is wealthy and gorgeous, and that they buy as much as they want is not a good life. I have come to the conclusion that

The above is just an example of what we think, but in the coming era, each of us will increase our own “satisfaction” to create a diverse society that is not bound by anyone. I think we will be required to live a good life.

Media aimed at “a good life and rice”

As the name of the media, "Good Life and Rice", we focus on "living" and "food", and aim to create a safe and secure space not only for ourselves but also for the surrounding environment. Aimed at the media. Media aimed at a good life and rice

And as a main activity, we are developing products that can support everyone as a "food" professional for a "good life".
Among them, we are particularly focused on product development and deployment that is particular about "additive-free".

In the self-developed "additive-free dashi" series, we sell products made with only natural ingredients that do not contain yeast extract, protein hydrolysate, dextrin, etc., and are widely used as a safe soup that even babies can eat. It is appreciated by people.

We will continue to provide “satisfying time” that can be created because it is safe and secure through our products.


The definition of "a good life" is just a small trigger that we have come up with on our own.
We would like to help create a new "better life" for the future with a lot of information, ideas, and product development that will make us feel comfortable and create a delicious life from safety and security.

To that end, we would like to co-create a new lifestyle with everyone, starting with product development and information dissemination that can create a better life every day.