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The Importance of Experiencing Real Dashi in Childhood

The memories of childhood food will always remain in your memory even when you grow up.
By letting children remember the real aroma and taste of the ingredients at an early age, they will be able to understand the original taste of food more strongly. recommended.

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- Is that additive-free really okay?
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Importance of using additive-free dashi from an early age

Babies and children have very delicate bodies. Therefore, safety and security are the first priority when it comes to ingredients and seasonings, including baby food that you put in your mouth.
Recently, there is an increasing demand for health-conscious people who want to choose foods that are good for their bodies and are as natural as possible for their children, their families, and themselves. is rising.

Is that additive-free really okay?

It is dangerous to choose a product based only on the wording on the package without understanding Mutenka.
This is because many additive-free dashi contain yeast extract, protein hydrolyzate, dextrin, etc. Even though it is additive-free, there are very few additive-free products in the true sense of the word that are made only from natural materials.

Ingredient labeling that you should be careful about, even for additive-free products

  • yeast extract
  • protein hydrolyzate
  • dextrin

Although these are not additives, they are artificially created "strong umami" not found in nature. In order to enjoy the deliciousness of natural ingredients, it is an ingredient that you want to avoid.
As a countermeasure, it is important not to choose just because it is described as "additive-free", but to choose after understanding firmly.

Advantages of eating Mutenka at an early age Advantages of eating Mutenka at an early age

Chemical seasonings have a "strong umami" that erases the umami of ingredients. It is important for children to experience the taste of the ingredients themselves and develop their sense of taste.

So, what are the benefits of introducing Mutenka at an early age?

One of them is that it makes it easier to change meals.

As I mentioned at the beginning, memories of food from childhood will always remain in my memory even when I grow up.
For the health of adults, it is important to experience the real additive-free taste at an early age.

Since the basal metabolism declines after the age of 30, it is said that it is necessary to switch to a low-fat diet.
It is said that it is easy to switch to a light-flavoured, low-fat diet after the age of 30 by making the child remember a gentle taste that does not rely on additives. It can be said that it is connected to the health promotion of people.

Recommended baby food using additive-free dashi that can be easily made

Recommended recipe 1: vegetable soup

I made a simple soup with my favorite carrots🥕 , onions and potatoes🥔 just boiled in this consommé👩

referral recipe link

Recommended recipe 2: Minced chicken and vegetable pilaf style

A dish made by mixing seasoned minced chicken and vegetables with rice. You can feel the gentle flavor of butter and consommé!

referral recipe link

Recommended Recipe 3: Fluffy Egg Chinese Soup

A simple Chinese-style soup made with Chinese broth. It is a dish made by pouring a beaten egg into a soup that has been slightly thickened with potato starch.

referral recipe link

It is also important not to be too conscious of Mutenka It is also important not to be too conscious of Mutenka

For the daily health of babies and children, we would like to avoid foods and seasonings containing additives as much as possible, but many of the products currently on the market contain additives.
In addition, there are many cases where yeast extract, protein hydrolyzate, dextrin, etc. are actually included even if it is described as "additive-free" on the label.

And it is extremely difficult to choose only additive-free products from among such things, and not only does it take time and effort, but it also causes a lot of stress.
It is better to avoid additives as much as possible, but I do not recommend worrying too much. It is important to incorporate it moderately so that you do not accumulate stress.

At Maedaya, we use a patented manufacturing method that does not use any additives, salt, seasonings, yeast extract, protein hydrolyzate, or dextrin, so that we can support everyone who cooks for such important people and environments. We develop and sell dashi.

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