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potato salad tree & soup


christmas 🎄

It's fun, but I'm a little worried about the party menu.

Is there a dish that uses familiar ingredients, is simple, can be eaten by everyone, is gorgeous, delicious, and has a taste that is gentle even for small children? ?

That's why I came up with the potato salad tree & soup

It's so cute that I want to eat it♪
Parents eat the same delicious food, and if they're cute, they'll eat things they wouldn't normally eat☺️

"I don't need vegetables, but the stars and Santa are here~"

So, if you feel delicious at that time, you'll be lucky😆

That's why it's important to boil vegetables in a unique dashi stock!

By adding a little flavor to the vegetables that children's sensitive tongues find bitter, they have a gentle taste.

Boiled juice is soup!
I can make 2 items at once

Perfect for such recipes

"Maedaya additive-free chicken consommé"

Domestic chicken, cabbage, and celery are also included, so you can take in nutrition, and the taste of chicken raises the quality of the ingredients.

My favorite is that it doesn't contain salt!
You can adjust the salt content yourself ←This is quite convenient for infant food

It's a dashi soup that doesn't use chemical seasonings or yeast extract, so it's perfect for small children ☺️

★ Introduction of recipes👉

① Boil the chicken consommé in the dashi pack with 600cc of water and add 1 teaspoon of sugar.

② Boil the broccoli and take it out, boil the carrots and potatoes, leave some and take them out. Use the boiling water and leftover vegetables for soup → Adjust the taste with salt and pepper.

③ Crush the potatoes and adjust the taste with salt.
(Add sea chicken if desired)

④ Make the base of the tree with potatoes and decorate with vegetables

*Please adjust the amount of boiling and salting according to the growth of your child and your family.

* The amount of dashi stock is less than the specified amount because it boils down while the vegetables are boiling.


Santa rolled potato salad into a mini tomato so cute 💕🎅


I was allowed to shoot

Maeda's completely additive-free dashi stock

Thank you very much✨

材料 (2〜3人分)

  • 無添加 チキンコンソメ 6g
  • ブロッコリー1æ ª(軸除く)
  • 人参 1本
  • じゃがいも2〜3個
  • シーチキン1缶(お好みで)